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Major League Baseball executive vice president of baseball operations Joe Torre plans to look into the drinking that went on in the Boston Red Sox clubhouse this past season, and as a result, may ban the practice from all clubhouses, according to multiple media reports.

“It’s something we’re concerned about, just to make sure that we get all the facts and that’s my area,” Torre said, according to the Boston Globe. “I know I have plans just to talk to some people.”

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The Local Brewing Industry Report 2011, published earlier this month by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), revealed that volumes for independent brewers grew 9% in 2010.

While the overall beer market suffered a 3.9% decline, volumes among SIBA members grew by 8.8%. It wasn’t just volumes that improved either – the sheer variety of local beer expanded with many straying into different styles and broadening beyond cask into keg.

SIBA members are producing around 2,500 cask beer brands a year, 3,500 seasonal ales and 1,750 bottled brands, compared to just 300 in 1976.

However, the report also warns of a real threat to the future of this thriving industry – the punitive duty charged on beer in the on-trade, which is damaging the pubs that local brewers both depend upon and support.

Julian Grocock, SIBA chief executive, said: “Local brewers are just the kind of business this government has been saying it wants to see succeed. They create jobs for local people, contribute to the local and wider British economy by using home-grown ingredients such as barley, and have impeccable environmental credentials.

“It is time for the government to become more ‘joined up’ in its approach to taxation across the brewing and pubs industries.

“Introducing a lower VAT rate across the hospitality sector, and scrapping the duty escalator, would help to bring customers back to into pubs – helping to keep them, and the local breweries, in business and providing jobs at a time when they are sorely needed.”

Grocock concluded: “It’s hard to think of another industry where pride and passion for a product, coupled with consumer demand and appropriate fiscal support from government, have resulted in such a marked transformation in its fortunes.

“We urge the government to think long and hard before making any decisions which could jeopardise the prospects for our young, vibrant sector and of the pubs upon which it depends.”


Americans love to party, but it might come as a surprise that the United States doesn’t even rank close to the top of the world’s biggest drinkers.

The World Health Organization published worldwide numbers on alcohol consumption this month, and Americans don’t even make the Top 50 when it comes to overall consumption.

Still well above the global average of 6.13 liters per person, America ranks 57th in the world, consuming an average of 9.4 liters, according to the WHO “Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health 2011.”

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By Tim Hynds | December 21, 2010 – 2:34 pm

Ok, let’s just cut right to the chase.


Since the vast majority of this blog’s readers are beer geeks, I can’t recommend Big Flats lager, the new-ish Walgreens house brand by Brewmaster’s Choice of Rochester, NY (North American Breweries AKA the Genesee brewery). If you’re looking for a adjunct (meaning brewed with fermentables such as corn and/or rice instead of being all-malt) lager, a beer lover can do a lot better.

That said, Big Flats is probably the best $2.99 a six-pack lager you’ll be able to find.

I’ll dispense with the formal tasting notes and just list some impressions.

There was a small amount of citrus hop notes in the beer’s aroma, which I thought was surprising. Not surprising were notes of cracked corn in the aroma. The beer poured a very pale yellow (think SRM of 1-ish) with a tall white head.

The lager’s flavor was very, very light with some malt flavors that were able to be discerned through dominant notes of cracked corn. There were some overt hints of melon – almost a light watermelon – that showed at mid tongue. Hop flavor was almost non-existent.

Marginally acceptable was the carbonation level of Big Flats. It was very prickly on the tongue and seemed a tad overdone.

Overall, this beer is drinkable, especially at colder temperatures, and might even be decent after a lawn mowing session. However, Big Flats will never be mistaken for some of the better adjunct lagers that are out there.

But, for $2.99, what do you expect?

Big Flats was purchased at Walgreens Pierce Street location in Sioux City.

-Tim Hynds

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Foreign breweries draw inspiration from U.S. craft brewers, who are increasing exports (and looking to build overseas). There’s even a black market for the States’ specialty suds.

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This man needs some help.

Not sure I would have been like the other people stealing beer from the truck though.

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Click Here for the story —> Foxnews story – Beer Pong Championship

While we were all captivated by another college bowl season, this other college sport was crowning a champion. In the words of Asher Roth “I am champion at beer pong!”.

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