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Fresh off the release of his much-anticipated fourth studio record, L.A. rapper Game is unleashing his first book. Titled, “The Making of Game’s R.E.D. Album” (available in most digital formats with paperback forthcoming), it focuses on the record’s studio sessions and path towards release after being delayed almost two years.

“I wanted to give my fans a behind-the-scenes look of how my new album came to be,” said the Grammy-nominated rapper in a press release. “These are my stories in my own words. This book is the only place where you’ll learn all the stories behind the music — how I got the beats, what inspired the lyrics and how the album was put together.”

The book was co-written by venerable hip-hop journalist Soren Baker, who has covered artists such as Tech N9ne and Jay-Z in the past.

The record’s story is indeed an intricate one. Since late 2009, “The R.E.D. Album” has received no less than ten different release dates and shuffled through a myriad of notable producers and collaborators. Topics of interest include extensive work with Dr. Dre and the controversial lead single “Red Nation,” widely banned for its alleged homage to gang violence.

Though there have been plenty of successful books penned by rappers in the past (Jay-Z’s “Decoded”, RZA’s “The Tao of Wu”), Game’s effort to promote a new record via paperback is a fairly new one. Aside from writing, Game has also ventured into acting (“Waist Deep”, “Street Kings”) and retail, promoting his own line of sneakers.

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Dope lyrics over dope beats. That was my first impression when I played King Mez’ s latest offering. When King Mez stopped by for our Jan 27th podcast he talked about “The King’s Khrysis” EP and how he felt that it was so different from “The Paraplegics”. After checking it out, one thing remained the same. King Mez brought the heat.

From the opening track Khrysis’ production grabs you. When I listen to a song for the first time no matter what the genre; hip-hop, pop, or rock I listen for the beat first. And this one did not did not disappoint. The sample on “Reaching Out” set the tone for the EP. I was hooked. I may be a little biased as this is the type of hip-hop I grew up with and love. But this song takes me back. The beat alone will keep this song on repeat. Throw in passionate and emotional lyrics by King Mez and you have a great song. King Mez reaches down to a personal place to make this a solid opening track.

Being from North Carolina, I am not sure I can get tired of listing to people represent our area. “From the South” (ft. Thee Tom Hardy, Sean Boog & DJ Flash) does a great job of showing that great hip-hop can come from North Carolina. Sean Boog and Tom Hardy back King Mez up on this track about being from the south. This is a song that I am sure will be played all summer long.

The King’s Khrysis EP is a must listen. The production is top notch. The samples are different and fresh. From now on when I see Khrysis’ name attached to a project I will make it a point to check it out. King Mez has put out another quality project. His word play and passion for the rap game puts him above his peers.

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