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“This project is made off the feeling of my hood. Red hook projects. I did this for me and all my people. This story has never been told before. If you know anything about Red Hook projects; it was a hard place to live in growing up in the 70’s and the 80’s.

Not only Al Capone was born here. But there were many other gangstas from my town. A lot of crime and killing was done here. “Before the time before time”. This is how Red Hook got its name. Shipmen and navy sailormen would stop at this port and trade, drink and party and death would occur from this. Red Hook was once called “Green Hook”. The story will tell you how Da Hook became Red. But outside of all of that there are myths and legends and also truth to the story. There is not a lot of proof, so everybody has their own story, bits and pieces of it.

My neighborhood was built on a Indian burial ground. “True fact”. Red Hook is a few blocks off the Hudson river. Our next door neighbor right over from us is the Gowanus projects. Gowanus canal might ring a bell to you. The names of these places sound like an indigenous Indian land. Just for an example: The kids from these neighborhoods all went to school with each other. Some said they had seen things moving in their homes by themselves without people touching them. There was a time something happened to me and I would see things. I would tell people about it but nobody ever believed me.This is the reason why: Some things are too much for people to take in. If they’re not ready they will never believe you. Some things that are shown are not for everybody to see and know.

During the process of me making this project i almost died twice.

I grew up like every other kid in the hood giving out beatings, running the streets, hustling and trying to figure out what was going on and why. I learned how to rap and wanted to be the best at it. I linked up with many rappers from New York City and a few that had the spot light from Red Hook. But there were none that made it to the top mainstream billboard status and stayed there. Nobody ever passed the torch. That goes for Rappers and Gangsters. I guess they think nobody can do it better than they did. What happens to the next in line? Same story of the young man and the old man going at it. You’re not the only one with money and power. I am a main factor in the new generation of my neighborhood. I was born here. I will not cross your paths to hurt you, that goes for any MC. And I will not allow you to cross that line either. But I will whip your ass on a record. These are my roots.

Nobody is doing this right now. My mother and my father are some of the people in my family that helped put this hood on the map. I’m holding it down for my people. We are all family.”

Infinite Marvelous – I am the Spotted Horse.

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