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n a collision of east meets west, LA producer/DJ Atlantic Connection (who is a music producer for MTV) has teamed up with one of North Carolina’s hottest up and coming artists SkyBlew to create something new & refreshing, that your guaranteed to enjoy going into your weekend!
“Everflow” captures the essences of East Coast throwback soulful hip hop with the West Coast futuristic bass movement. As usual, SkyBlew refuses to hold back delivering an incredibly catchy hook & lyrical finesse that prepares you for your top-down joyride into the summer months.

Sometimes The Ones Who Always Play The BackGROUND Are The Ones That Need To Be Heard The Most… So Take A Look At My Background. This Song Is Off SkyBlew x Backdraft collaborative EP (Life In 3rd Person) Which Will Be Released VERY Soon… Scratches By V!RTU.

This is a very artistic/creative project SkyBlew put together to build up anticipation for his upcoming label debut album! This mixtape is not only fun to listen to but its very different for SkyBlew. You will get to hear him trying different styles and concepts. Its a mixture of NerdCore x 90′s Hip Hop & Painting The Sky,Blew!!! (Which is his normal style) Alot of the songs consist of SkyBlew flipping fantasy themes and relating them to reality & believe me the way that he flipped them, well you will have to see for yourself & be the judge. The mixtape has features from Physical Graffiti, SK4MC, J. Capri & most of SkyBlew’s 2StepsAboveTheStars crew members. Additional vocals by Faith Langley & WhizKid. So I hope you enjoy the mixtape as much as he enjoyed making it & please help spread it to as many people and other blogs as possible, thank you!

This Song Is From My Heart….Something I Needed To Release…This Is Me Giving You Flowers, Now What You Wanna Do With Them(Then)Thats Up To You…You Can Share Them With Somebody Else (You NEVER Know WHAT Can Brighten Up Someone’s Day) Or You Can Bypass This Song…Choice Is Yours…Either Way, R.I.P Nujabes, Grandma & Tandi…
-Paint The Sky,Blew!!!

SkyBlew is a upcoming HEAVILY BUZZING emcee representing Chapel Hill, North Carolina who has worked/shared the stage with huge acts such as: Kendrick Lamar, Eddy B & Tim Gunter, Chris Webby, Jedi Mind Tricks, The Cool Kids, Slum Village & More. Hes featured on countless prestigious blogs such as: 2dopeboyz, dj booth & more. His music is more soulful hip hop but recently hes been in his Experimenting Phase Trying New Things & he linked with fellow NC emcee B.C.P BackPacker & Came Up With THIS RIGHT HERE! They Managed To Create Possibly The BIGGEST Party Song Of The Summer To Some EPIC Liquidstep Created By Draper.. You Have To Listen To The Message Also, It’s Not Just A Party Party Song…Its Party/Introspective..Also Its For The LifeLESS..The People At The Shows Standing Around Trying To Look Cool..Smh..Theres NO WAY You Can Just Stand Around To A Song Like This…

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